Bills vs. Packers Recap

The Bills returned to earth this week in a 22-0 beating at the hands of the Packers. Once again, the Bills simply looked over matched by their opponent. Apparently, last week against the Vikings was a fluke, and this struggle will continue for much of the year. The Packers out gained the Bills 423 yards to 145 yards. Much of the Bills’ yards came in garbage time.

We are getting close to the point, where the offense is laughable. Granted, it’s way better than anything Nate Peterman could get, but still is among the league’s worst. Josh Allen needs help, but some of the blame needs to fall on his shoulders as well. He should only be reading half of the field, which is consistent with how young quarterbacks enter the league. Our receivers very well may not be creating the needed separation from the corners either. Bills fans will start to think maybe it’s time to bring in a shifty receiver who can operate in the slot and create plays out of thin air. This wouldn’t be the end all be all, should be be another small step in the right direction. With that said, this was sort of expected. Playing young Quarterbacks behind subpar offensive lines with slow receivers isn’t exactly a Super Bowl formula. This year might be lost, but Allen should see plenty of time and gain valuable experience which should help him tremendously moving forward.

One thing that Allen needs to do better is not making that throw to end the half. That doesn’t win games. There’s bad ideas, and then there’s throwing off your back foot across the field. This isn’t the Mountain West. Additionally, Allen cannot continue to hold onto the ball. Knowing the line isn’t where it should be talent wise, Allen needs to get better with his internal clock. The Bills could create a little time for Allen to operate if they involved McCoy more. Now people have been saying the Bills should trade McCoy, and I agree, but if he is on the team, he should get the ball, plain and simple. Also just for the record, the Bills should trade Kelvin Benjamin too.

Lastly, say what you will about the defense; however, only giving up 22 points on 74 plays to Aaron Rodger at home is really almost all you can ask for. The Bills return to Buffalo next week for a winnable game against the 3-1 Titans.

Michael ShoemakerComment