Bills vs. Colts Recap

The Buffalo Bills fell to 2-5 on the season, after a 37-5 beatdown at the hands of the Colts. As coach McDermott put it after the game, the Colts beat the Bills in all three phases. Although most Bills fans could rationalize a 7-9 or 8-8 season in their heads and a possible late season playoff push, the reality is, is that this is a bad team and it might get worse.

Quarterback Derek Anderson, who had been pushed into starting even though he signed just 10 days ago played as expected. Anderson finished 20-31 for 175 yards and 3 interceptions. Obviously, Anderson cannot turn the ball over three times a game and expect to win. But, with only 10 days of football under his belt this season, that’s not too bad. Also, he could have very easily had one or two of those picks go the other way. As for Allen’s long term development, I think he should sit, heal, and learn until the Bills play the Jaguars after their bye week. Allen would get six more needed starts before next season. At that point, if he played in all six games, the Bills would have 11, almost 12 full games to evaluate him on. It’s also not completely out of the realm of possibility that the Bills look at free agency or the draft for another quarterback if they deem Allen untrustworthy.

Two other Bills players need to be spoken about as well. Kelvin Benjamin had his best game of the season and looked like a decent option in the passing game. It would be wise if the Bills shopped him to teams short on receivers at the trade deadline. Most Bills fans, and probably the Bills don’t see Benjamin in their long term plans. Thus, being a free agent at the end of this year, the Bills may be wise to move him. Also LeSean McCoy once again went down with an injury. People in football often say the best ability is availability. Given that McCoy is on the wrong side of 30 and teams would actually be interested in getting him, coupled with the return the Bills would get, it would be always wise of the Bills to at least listen to reasonable offers for him.

As of the defense, they look disinterested and lethargic for most of the game. Although they kept Luck to under 160 passing yards, the run defense was deplorable. Next week won’t be any easier with the Patriots coming to town.

Michael ShoemakerComment