Bills vs. Patriots Recap

The Bills fell to the Patriots by a score of 25-6. The game was 12-6 entering the fourth quarter, but an 85 yard pick six thrown by Anderson and a James White touchdown put the game out of reach. The Bills now are 2-6 on the season, tied for third worst in the league.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong about how this game was going to go down. I thought for sure the Patriots would light up the Bills and the game would be over by halftime. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. The Bills played a great game defensively, keeping the Patriots and Tom Brady in check for most of the game. The downfall of this team has been, and will continue to be the offensive production. Although Anderson put up some decent numbers in terms of passing yards near the end of the game, it just felt as if the Bills always needed to get lucky in order to move the ball. Credit Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll for reaching deep into his playbook and bringing out multiple Wildcat plays to start the game. The Patriots were clearly caught off guard, but the lack of an offensive line quickly put an end to the Bills creativeness.

Today is the NFL’s trade deadline. Many of the Bills players have been mentioned in trade talks, and rightfully so. This team needs a few new pieces to finish out this season and possibly even stick around for next year. Reports came out yesterday about how the Bills offered Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor a contract. Signing Pryor would by no means fix the offense, who is coming off of an injury himself, but it would be a step in the right direction. I suspect the Bills will make a move or two today, but only time will tell. Whoever remains on the team, has a short week to prepare for the Chicago Bears.

Michael ShoemakerComment