Bills vs. Titans Review

The Bills picked up their second win of the 2018 NFL season with a last second field goal to win 13-12. In our preview, I thought the Bills could win a low scoring game, and mentioned that I didn’t think the Titans were that good. The Titans spent all week complaining about how they don’t get any attention from the national media about how they are a good team. This week served as case in point about why the Titans don’t get the credit they “deserve”. They haven’t earned it yet.

As for the Bills, Josh Allen continued to look like Josh Allen. He played plays when he needed to, but overall still looks like an inexperienced rookie. Some people say that Allen is playing much worse than he really is, and that may very well be true. However, I think those people are forgetting that he isn’t losing any games for the Bills. Looking at the way this roster is constructed, that’s really all you can ask for anyways. LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory both played very well this week and hopefully that will be able to continue with the Bills already past the toughest part of their schedule. On the other hand, Kelvin Benjamin still looks lost and disinterested. Realistically, he doesn’t provide the Bills anything that can’t be replicated with another, much cheaper player.

The Bills defense also stepped up and had a big game. Although I sort of bashed the Titans about how Mariota wasn’t good, they still do have some weapons. White held Corey Davis to 4 catches for 49 yards. The week prior, Davis torched the Eagles and caught the game winning touchdown. Edmunds also had one of his better games from a productivity standpoint as well. Lastly, newly acquired Defensive Tackle, Jordan Phillips had a pretty big game and put pressure on the Maroita. With Phillips on the team, he provides McDermott another option for the line rotation, and creates pressure up the middle, which is an area the Bills have been lacking in for some time.

As for next week, after watching the Texans barely get by the Cowboys on Sunday night, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bills found a way to get back to .500.

Michael ShoemakerComment