Bills vs. Jets Recap

The Buffalo Bills won their third game of the season today, with a 41-10 blowout of the New York Jets. The Bills simply over powered the Jets, who looked disinterested for almost the entire game. The Bills opened up the game with a two-play, 75 yard drive capped off by a LeSean McCoy touchdown run. After that drive, the game was essentially over.

Not a single person on this earth can say that they expected Matt Barkley to play the way he did today. Barkley looked really good when compared to Anderson and Peterman, and maybe even Allen at times too. Barkley finished 15-25 for 232 yards and 2 touchdowns. Personally, I was shocked that he not only played that well, but also that he didn’t turn the ball over. As we saw today, when the Bills roll out a decent Quarterback, this team can play with teams. Yes, the Jets are bad, but very few teams lose by 31 points to a divisional opponent at home. The talent gap in the NFL isn't that wide.

That said, the Jets are most likely going to fire their coach, Todd Bowles after that awful performance. There is no way that management will have any confidence in him to turn it around by the end of the season. If he’s going to get fired at the end of the season anyways, why not move on now? Bills fans can only hope that the Jets once again hit the reset button, and if the Dolphins continue to lose too, Adam Gase isn't too far behind Bowles.

The Bills are on their bye week next Sunday, and should be focusing on a few things. First, get everyone as healthy as possible for the remainder of the season. Second, have Matt Barkley become more familiar with the offense to the point that they can move on from Peterman altogether. And lastly, prepare to beat the Jaguars who are quickly imploding.

Michael ShoemakerComment