Bills vs. Bears Preview

Who: Buffalo Bills (2-5) vs. Chicago Bears (4-3)

When: Sunday, November 4th 1:00 p.m.

Where: New Era Field

As each day passes this week, it looks more and more likely that Nathan Peterman will be under center for the Bills this weekend. The Bills Quarterback position has just been an absolute disaster this season. Under no circumstances should the Bills needed to play a 35 year old Quarterback fresh off the streets, and then revert to Peterman several times over thus far. It’s almost unfathomable that it’s gotten to this point. Don’t get me wrong, I still like Anderson, but the Bills should have brought him in during camp and not mid-October.

With Peterman under center, I, along with the rest of Bills Mafia, are left with little choice and even less hope. I think this game is going to be a long day for the offense. The Bills will have a solid defensive effort, but absolutely nothing happening on the other side of the ball. Also, expect Peterman to turn the ball over once or twice, because we all know he’s good for it.

Moving on, former UB superstar Khalil Mack returns to Buffalo. As you may have read in our mid-season awards post, Mack is currently our defensive player of the year. Expect Mack to dominate the Bills offensive line all afternoon like he has other lines throughout the season. Furthermore, it wouldn’t surprise me if Tarik Cohen also torched the Bills in both the passing and running game. Cohen has taken over the starting role from Jordan Howard a few weeks ago and hasn’t looked back. All said, the Bills defense is good enough to hang around in this game, and I can’t wait to see if Terrelle Pryor can get anything going, but the Bills will lose this game.


Bills - 6 Bears - 24

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