Bills vs. Bears Recap

The Bills fell to the Bears today by a score of 41-9. The Bills were once again out matched from the get go. Compiling the issues for the Bills were the turnovers and miscues which have nearly completely derailed their entire season. Peterman was an issue, but at times he didn’t get the needed help from his receivers. Two of Peterman’s three interceptions were tipped by our receivers into the nearby hands of a Bears defender. Whoever is under center will need those 50/50 balls caught more times than not, preferably by a Bills player and not an opponent.

As we have noted throughout the season, Peterman not only isn’t the answer at the Quarterback position, but is a significant liability and frankly not a real option even as a backup. Anyone who watched that game and knows anything about his story up until this point could clearly see how the interceptions have gotten to him. For example, at the end of the first half, the Bills were at the Bears’ 37 yard line and had an untimed down to end the half. Rather than throwing the ball up into the end zone and allowing one of his teammates to make a play, Peterman tucked the ball away and ran for meaningless yards. That play summed up his state of mind. The Bills need to move on from Peterman for not only their best interest, but Peterman’s as well.

Although the game’s score showed a heavily one side affair, the Bills defense had several great stretches. That said, the defense at times could have played a little better at a times too, but what do people expect when they're on the field all the time. One of, if not the weakest link in this equation is Phillip Gains. Gains has been exposed several times the past few games and I believe the Bills should turn back to Ryan Lewis to play opposite of White.

The Bills have a winnable game against the Jets next week before going on the Bye, but do we really want them to win if many fans are already focused on the draft and free agency?

Michael ShoemakerComment