Bills vs Patriots Recap

The Bills lost to the Patriots 24-12, falling to 5-10 on the season. A twelve point lost doesn't really indicate how one sided this game was. The Bills were trounced on defense, allowing 273 rushing yards against a subpar running team. That said, the Bills did keep Tom Brady in check, holding him to 126 passing yards and forcing two interceptions.

In what was somewhat of a surprise, the Bills looked disinterested in this game. Something was clearly off defensively. As soon as the Patriots were able to move the ball, and the Bills were going three and out consistently, you could see the motivation leave the team. Yes, the Bills were still able to force a few turnovers, but the lack of offense most certainly had an effect on the defense.

Josh Allen and company were once again stopped dead in their tracks. The Bills finished the day with 72 rushing yards on 18 attempts. On the flip side, Allen attempted 41 passes, which isn’t the way the Bills are going to win this year, and most likely next as well. Allen had a few pretty bad passes, lobbing up two in particular which were easily intercepted by the Patriots. One of the other sticking points I had with the gameplay, was pointed out by Trent Green and Bruce Arians of CBS. It seemed as if the Bills, or Josh Allen, didn’t understand the matchups on the field. Yes, Foster is our number one receiver in recent weeks, but you can’t throw up 50/50 balls when he’s covered by former Bill, Stephon Gilmore. Gilmore isn’t what he used to be, but is still a better corner than Foster is at receiver. I would have liked to see the Bills try and put the ball in McCoy’s hands in open space, if they're bent on playing him. A free agent addition and a draft pick or two should help take this group to a reasonable level next year.

Either way, the Bills will close up the season next week at home against the Dolphins, and at this point, Allen should continue to throw the ball around the field. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Michael ShoemakerComment