Bills vs. Browns Recap

The Bills secured their first win of the 2018 season with a 19-17 win over the Browns. For the most part, the second preseason game of the year isn't as pivotal as this one was for the Bills. AJ McCarron went down with a fractured collarbone, essentially removing him from the Bills Quarterback competition, and long time Bill, Kyle Williams, suffered an apparent leg injury; however, early reports indicate the injury is not too serious. Also, the Bills backup punter, Cory Carter, who was pushing starter Colton Schmidt, tore his ACL when a Browns player fell underneath is kicking leg immediately following his only punt of the night. At the end of the day, each team's primary goal at the conclusion of training camp is to walk away with the least amount of injuries as possible. Bills fans can only hope that during the remaining two games, the Bills have slightly better luck injury wise than they did this game.

Moving on, it appears to be a two man race for the Quarterback job this year, barring any crazy trade or signing. At most, I think the Bills might sign a camp arm, but not one of the older veterans mentioned on other sites, such as Matt Moore, Mark Sanchez, etc. As for the players on the roster, I thought both Allen and Peterman played well, but if push came to shove, I'd have to give the job to Allen. Josh Allen has shown nice comand of the offense, albeit a condensed playbook. As he gets more acclimated to the pro game, he should be just fine. Peterman on the other hand, didn't do anything to "lose" the job, but he didn't do anything to necessarily "win" it either. Coach McDermott said during his Monday press conference that Allen will be working working with the starters, but also not to look too much into it, as the Quarterback rotation has been like that throughout camp. 

Besides the injuries, the most disappointing thing to come out of the game, was the Bills' inability to stop the run. The Bills gave up 164 yards and two touchdowns against some talented Running Backs, and an solid offensive line, but that performance is unacceptable if the Bills wish to remain competitive throughout the season. The defense needs to be the backbone for this team, and anything short of that will garner disastrous results. 

This coming Sunday, the Bills host the Bengals on another nationally televised game. It's too bad that McCarron won't be able to play against his former team, sometimes thats just the name of the game. 

Michael ShoemakerComment