Bills vs. Bengals Recap

The Bills lost the game 26-13, but the score isn't indicative to how poorly the Bills played. The starters on both sides of the ball looked completely lost and disinterested in the game at times. The Bills offensive line needs some serious help if any of the three quarterbacks want to be productive this year. 

What Bills fans hoped to be a story book beginning of the Josh Allen Era, it quickly turned into a nightmare. Allen was sack five times over the course of his first 14 drop-backs. I don't need to be the one to tell you this, but that's not the recipe for a successful offense. The interior of the offensive line (Ducasse, Bodine, Groy, and Miller) all looked a mess at times. The Bills will need to hope that a starting caliber player is cut on another team and clears waivers so that he could possibly start at some point during the year. If the Bills do not address the interior line, it will be a very long year. That being said, Allen could have avoided a sack or two if he got rid of the ball a bit earlier. Those kinds of things are expected from a young quarterback though. As much as I'm ready to play Allen with the starters, I think it might be better for his long term development if the Bills tried to fix the line before throwing him to the wolves. 

Peterman played well, and I'm almost ready to say that he played well enough to win the job. Granted, he'll be benched at some point in the year and replaced by Allen, but for the time being he may be our best option. Peterman went 16-20 for 200 yards and one touchdown. Although his game isn't perfect by any strech, the Bills could probably win a few games with him at the helm. 

As for the defense, the game started rough, but improved later on. Davis' lack of speed was exposed when John Ross blew by him and caught a 57 yards bomb on the Bengals' first play. Overall the pass coverage was lackluster once again, as the Bills gave up 367 yards through the air. It also didn't matter who was catching the ball, as 11 players registered a catch during the game. Although the Bills couldn't stop their air attack, they did hold them to 68 rushing yards on 27 attempts. On 10 combined attempts, Mixon and Bernard only manged 10 yards. At the end of the day, the Bills will need to play much better across all three phases if they want to win. It'll be a short week, as the Bills travel to Chiagco to take on the Bears on Thursday night.

Michael ShoemakerComment