Bills vs. Chargers Recap

The Bills fell to the Chargers 31-20, in a game that was a tale of two halves. Except for Vontae Davis who “retired” (quit) at halftime. The Bills fell behind quick in the first half allowing the Chargers to move up and down the field with little resistance. When the game hit halftime, the Chargers were winning 28-6. However, during the second half, the Bills outsourced the Chargers 14-3 and played pretty well at times on both sides of the ball.

All things considered, I thought Allen played pretty well. Obviously, he could have done without the two late interceptions, but it sure does beat Peterman’s five he threw last year. It’s clear that Allen is the only legitimate quarterback on the roster as of now, and I wouldn't be shocked if the Bills went out and took a look at some other options. Names like Matt Moore, Derek Anderson and Mark Sanchez come to mind. All three are older and have playing experience, but really would just serve as a mentor to Allen and play in emergencies. However, if Allen continues to throw for around 250 yards a game and a touchdown, the Bills won’t be pressed to make a move.

One of the things that could drastically help Allen, is a healthy LeSean McCoy. Although the Bills running game hasn’t gotten it going just yet, there’s no doubt a strong and healthy backfield would help the young quarterback. Also, keeping the defense off the field for extended periods of time would help a lot too.

The offensive line continued to struggle, and the coaching staff needs to think about making a change. Fifth round pick, Wyatt Teller and possibly Russell Bodine are the logical replacements inside, and that's about all the Bills could do without picking up a free agent. It’s absolutely ridiculous that any quarterback get sacked six times a game.

The Bills will also need to address the cornerback position, now that Davis is gone. Coupled with that, Taron Johnson is banged up and might not be able to be relied upon on an immediate basis. The Bills played the second half of the game with only three healthy corners and needed Bush, who is a reserve safety to play the nickel. The Bills will be bringing someone in to play cornerback by the end of the week. NFL teams cannot enter games with three healthy players at the position considering how many times three corners are on the field at once.

If the first two game were any indication on how next week’s game against the Vikings will go, it’ll be another long day for Bills fans.

Michael ShoemakerComment