Bills vs. Vikings Recap

The Buffalo Bills got their first win of the 2018 NFL season with an impressive 28-6 win against the Minnesota Vikings. Very few people, if any, expected the Bills to win this game. This is actually one of the biggest upsets in NFL considering the Vikings were (-16.5) favorites entering the game. Although, we’ll give the Bills credits, it seemed that at time, everything that could go right for the Bills, went right for the Bills. Granted, the Bills still needed to convert and move the ball; however, it’s a lot easier when your opponent continues to turn the ball over on their 20 or 30 yard line. Regardless, this win is a step in the right direction and hopefully the momentum carries over next week against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

The Bills also made a step in the right direction in terms of who is in the starting lineup. Center Russel Bodine took over for Ryan Groy, who had been the lowest rated player at his position in the entire league. It still remains to be seen how big of an upgrade Bodine could potentially be, but it can’t get much worse. I thought he played well enough to get the start next week, even though he went down with cramps and returned later to finish the game. Let’s also not forget the fact that Everson Griffen was not in the lineup due to what the Vikings are calling a “personal matter”. Ryan Lewis also started the game in place of now retired corner Vontea Davis. Lewis and slot corner Taron Johnson both played well against what is one of the better receiving corps in the entire league.

Other than that, it was kinda a shame that all three games thus far are essentially over at halftime. It’d be nice to see the Bills play a full sixty minutes and have a game or two go down to the wire to see how they handle it. But by no means would I pass up an easy win over a playoff team on the road, when we’re missing our best offensive player.

This game should go a long way in helping Allen’s confidence. He was met with very little resistance and continued to throw the ball down field, which is something the Bills haven’t seen on a consistent basis for several years. The Bills will need to stay on a high note and take advantage of the fact that Aaron Rodgers inst fully healthy and try to get back to .500. If the Bills win next week, and go 2-2 through the toughest part of their schedule, Bills fans will start talking playoffs next Monday morning.

Michael ShoemakerComment