Nathan Peterman Named Starter

Some Bills fan are going to wake up on Labor Day a little upset knowing Josh Allen will not get the start, but to be honest, this is the only sensible decision the coaching staff could have made. We all want Josh Allen to play, but the Bills can't throw him to the wolves this early on considering the huge investment they placed in him. 

With that said, the Bills aren't simply giving Peterman the job solely to protect Allen either, that's not how the NFL works. Peterman flat out won the job. He completed 80.5% of his passes for 431 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. Peterman also complied a passer rating of 124.7, which is extraordinary good. The offensive line and supporting cast outside of McCoy, Benjamin, and Clay are abysmal and the Bills can't risk stunting Allen's long term growth just to play a few more games. Allen, without a doubt, will play at some point during this season, but all Bills fans should hope it comes later rather than sooner.

Michael ShoemakerComment