Final 2019 Mock Draft

1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma 

Murray has long been expected to go first overall in this year’s draft, and I suspect that to happen. Even though the Cardinals drafted Josh Rosen last year, Murray is an upgrade and a perfect fit in Kingsbury’s offense. Rosen will likely be traded on draft night, or shortly before day two of the draft. The Cardinals need a lot of pieces to climb out of the basement of the NFL, and acquiring picks will help them do just that.

2. San Francisco 49ers– Nick Bosa, EDGE, Ohio State

The 49ers will once again go defensive line early in the draft. Unlike Thomas, Buckner, and Armstead, Bosa is a true difference maker. Bosa’s versatility will allow him to play both outside linebacker and defensive end. The 49ers also only forced seven turnovers last season, and putting more pressure on opposing quarterbacks, should help drive that number higher.

3. New York Jets– Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky

The Jets addressed several needs through some big spending during this offseason; however, one of the areas they didn’t address is pass rusher. Adding Josh Allen will provide a big spark as the Jets begin their rebuild.

4. Oakland Raiders– Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama

Jon Gruden will have three first round picks this year, barring any trades. He’ll use the first on arguably the best player available. Grabbing Williams will be the first step in the right direction for the Raiders.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Devin White, LB, LSU

Tampa let Kwon Alexander walk in free agency and they’ll need to replace him. White is the best linebacker to come out of college since Luke Kuechly. Tampa also needs players all over the board, and picking the best player available will pay dividends later on.

6. New York Giants– DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

This is probably a little higher than where Metcalf should go. If the Giants pass on a quarterback this year, they should do everything in their power to load up the rest of the roster. If they do draft possibly a Jake Fromm next year, he’ll have plenty of weapons to use. Adding Metcalf to an offense that already has Barkley, Sheppard, Tate, and Engram will be a lot scarier once they figure out the quarterback position.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars– Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

Yes, the Jaguars signed Nick Foles to a big deal this offseason, but we’ve seen Foles as a starter before, and it didn’t exactly go great for an extended period of time. At best, Foles will simply be a bridge quarterback for the next attempt at finding a franchise guy.

8. Detroit Lions– Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi State

The Lions will need to replace Ziggy Ansah, and adding one of the biggest risers in the draft will most certainly help. Detroit will need to get after the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Mitch Trubisky, and Kirk Cousins. Led by Matt Patricia, a defensive coach, this route makes the most sense.

9. Washington Redskins(Projected Trade with Buffalo) – Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

In order to land the next best quarterback, the Redskins may have to jump Denver, Cincinnati, Green Bay, and Miami. Trading with the Bills will allow them to do just that. Drew Lock will need at least a year or two to sit and learn the NFL game before getting thrown to the wolves. Washington already has Case Keenum, and could get Alex Smith back one day if his injury heals correctly. Washington may want to get a quarterback this year because I think it’ll cost too much to grab one next year.

10. Carolina Panthers (Projected Trade with Denver)– TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa

Denver can afford to drop back a few spots and in the same breath, Carolina can afford to jump up a few spots to grab an impact player. In this mock, I have the Panthers grabbing Greg Olsen’s long-term replacement. Olsen has been slowed by injuries throughout the past several years, and the Panthers are a better team with a big-time tight end. Carolina has most of the pieces on offense, besides of course, a reliable option at the tight end spot.

11. Cincinnati Bengals– Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

The Bengals aren’t too far away from getting it right. In order to do so however, they’ll need a stronger offensive line. I’ll mock Williams here instead of Taylor simply given Williams’ ability to play multiple spots on the offense line. Although the Bengals have Cordy Glenn at left tackle, and argument could be made to put Williams on the right side and possibly even move him into guard and compete with John Miller if he struggles outside. Case in point, Williams can play everything outside of center, and that very well may be what the Bengals need.

12. Green Bay Packers– Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

I fully suspect either Fant or Hockenson to make it to the twelfth overall pick, but not both. In this mock, I have Hockenson going before Fant. As of this writing, Hockenson is the sexier pick, but Fant makes a strong case. It’ll be interesting if the Packers go this way, but it wouldn’t shock me at all.

13. Miami Dolphins– Rashan Gary, EDGE, Michigan

 Everyone is under the assumption that the Dolphins are in full tank mode this season. That said, it would make sense to build up the team from the inside and work their way out in preparation for an early quarterback selection next year. By adding Gary, the Dolphins would be adding a sort of an unsung hero who does the dirty work, but doesn’t pile up stats. This pick won’t make fans go to any more games, but it would certainly fill a need in a Brian Flores defense. 

 14. Atlanta Falcons– Ed Oliver, DL, Houston

 Once considered a possibility for the first overall pick, Ed Oliver finally finds a home. Some are concerned about his size and his ability to fight off double teams, but I don’t have those concerns. For me, it’s simply scheme and needs that largely force Oliver to slip all the way down to fourteenth overall.

15. Oakland Raiders (Projected Trade with Buffalo via WSH)– Clelin Ferrell, EDGE, Clemson 

It’ll be a tall task to replace Khalil Mack, and that’s why the Raiders double up on their front seven. If the Raiders trade up, it’ll cost them a few of their many draft picks they’ve collected this offseason. Also, if a trade were to happen, it’d be because an impact player at a need is still available. For me, this could be either Ferrell or Josh Jacobs, but for now, I’ll give them an edge rusher.

16. Denver Broncos (Projected Trade with Carolina)– Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

Williams is arguably the best corner in the draft and can help recreate Denver’s No-Fly-Zone defense. Playing across Chris Harris Jr., Williams should settle in nicely. Denver could go in a lot of different directions with this pick, but they cant go wrong picking a lengthy, young, corner.

17. New York Giants (via Cleveland)– Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

We’ll go with back to back corners in this mock draft. The Giants will need to find a replacement for Eli Apple, and will need to figure out how they are going to cover the NFC East receivers which got a little harder with Amari Cooper and Desean Jackson both getting added to the mix. Giants fans will surely be mad that they once again passed on a quarterback, but by no means should they reach for a Daniel Jones. Frankly, they’re going to be terrible anyways, so why not load up in other areas?

18. Indianapolis Colts (Project Trade with Vikings)– Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama

Many thought the Colts were going to break the bank and get Le’Veon Bell this offseason. Turns out the Jets decided to do so instead, in one of the most Jets moves of all time. The Colts will still need to add a versatile running back, and will do so with Jacobs. 

19. Tennessee Titans– Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida State

The Titans can’t go wrong taking a pass rusher. Burns is the next best edge rusher available, so this is a logical choice for them. Burns can replace Brian Orakpo who retired this offseason. Burns is also flexible enough to play outside linebacker in a 3-4, in addition to 4-3 defensive end. 

20. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida

Pittsburg allowed Marcus Gilbert to leave during free agency, and it would be a god send if Taylor somehow fell all the way down to twenty. This is a classic case of the rich getting richer. Pittsburg could also try and grab a wide receiver to help fill the void left by Antonio Brown, but I think that could be one of their second of third round sections instead.

21. Seattle Seahawks– Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson

Taking the best player available seems like a great idea, only if that player can see the field. Seattle’s interior defensive line features Jarran Reed, and not much more. Wilkins could be installed as a starter and immediately make an impact. This is a safe and needed pick for the Seahawks.

22. Baltimore Ravens – Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma

The Ravens are in a perfect spot to go out a get Lamar Jackson’s long-term running mate. Brown can hit the home run and would be the perfect option if left unattended when Jackson breaks the pocket and extends the play. Think of the Donovan McNabb to Desean Jackson connection.

23. Houston Texans – Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State

Ever since the Texans traded away Duane Brown, their offensive line could use some work. Protecting Watson should be their number one concern and Dillard could be the long-term option at left tackle. Also, if the Texans don’t take Dillard now, the Bills most certainly will with the next pick.

24. Buffalo Bills (Projected Trade with Oakland via Bears) –Devin Bush, LB, Michigan

In this mock draft, the Bills traded back twice, picking up multiple mid-round selections this year and possibly even an additional first rounder in 2020. The Bills are a few players away from making a serious playoff push, and not a single player at the ninth spot will fill that void. Therefore, the Bills can afford a little luxury with this pick and find Lorenzo Alexander’s replacement, and allowing Alexander to play a little more edge in what should be his last NFL season.

25. Philadelphia Eagles– Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington

 Speaking of replacements, the Eagles can pick up Jason Peters’ replacement while adding to the overall depth of the offensive line with this selection. Like Alexander, mentioned above, this will probably be Peters’ last season as well, and would enable McGary to ease into the NFL without be subjected to the ruthless fans of Philadelphia. 

26. Minnesota Vikings (Projected Trade with Colts)– Cody Ford, OG, Oklahoma

Similar to Jonah Williams, Cody Ford can too play inside and out on the offensive line. I would suspect Ford to start inside and then work his way out to the tackle spot if he lands with a team like the Vikings. If he lands with a team a little more desperate, he may be forced outside too quick and thus could stunt his development. 

27. Oakland Raiders (via Cowboys) – Garrett Bradbury, C, N.C. State

The run of offensive lineman continues with Garrett Bradbury. The Raiders need an upgrade on their line if they want Derek Carr to have enough time to get the ball out of his hands and into either Antonio Brown’s or Tyrell Williams. Bradbury will help fill the void left by Kelechi Osemele.

28. Los Angeles Chargers– Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame

 The Chargers could go in a lot of different directions with this pick, but for now, I’ll have them picking one of the most underrated defensive linemen in the draft. The Chargers have done a great job at selecting pro-bowl and all-pro players in recent years, and Tillery has the make up to continue that trend.

29. Kansas City Chiefs– Elgton Jenkins, C, Mississippi State

Replacing Mitch Morse will be hard enough, so why not add the best interior lineman available. Jenkins was widely considered the best interior line prospect under recently; however, he’ll do just fine if Mahomes continues his magic.

30. Green Bay Packers (via Saints)– Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

The Packers most likely have two or three years left with Aaron Rdogers, but they should start preparing for the future now. Rodgers has been pretty banged up over the past few years, and at nearly any point, it could be just too much. Jones won’t be ready for this year, but by all accounts, he’s smart enough to pick up NFL concepts.

31. Los Angeles Rams– Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia

The Rams are going to run into salary cap problems pretty soon, and grabbing a young corner always help replace another one in line for a big pay day. We saw the Patriots tear apart the Rams with little dink and dunk plays in the Super Bowl, and the Rams can only hope that by adding a young athletic corner is a step in the right direction.

32. New England Patriots– Dexter Lawrence, DL, Clemson

New England will need to replace Malcolm Brown and Trey Flowers, who both left during free agency. This will allow New England to not only pick the best player available, but also fill one of their biggest needs.

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