Sabres Quarter Season Update

The Sabres are about a quarter of the way through the season and things have been surprisingly good thus far minus the 3 game losing streak we are on right now. Sitting at 17-8-3 right now and tied for 4th overall and 3rd in the East, its really going well. The Sabres are still surprising a lot of teams and with Skinner scoring often and Reinhardt having a nice little goal streak going it’s safe to say this losing streak won’t last much longer.

Eichel is still putting up assists like crazy but seems hesitant to shoot the puck. He’s also been giving away the puck way too often by trying to get to fancy when getting into the opponents zone. I’d like to see him be more methodical with the puck instead of flashy and fancy. All it takes are shots on the net to score and generate chances.

The Sabres have a big game against the Leafs coming up at home and that is a must win game for them, to break the streak and to just beat those pathetic Canadian Leafs fans who think they’re the best. Stay up North, we really don’t want you here.

Sincerely, all of Buffalo.

Gary KostekComment