Is it panic time for the Sabres?

Early on this season the Sabres were the first team in the NHL. (for one day but still counts) Since that incredible 10 game win streak, things have been……. slow. The Sabres have only won 4 games since then with a few overtime points sprinkled in there. Scoring has been a significant issue with really only the first line steadily producing points. This trade deadline is especially looming over the Sabres too with our second line needing help in a strong center. And with Skinner still not signed, these next few months should be pretty interesting to say the least.

And to add onto all of this, Eichel just got hurt and is out for a bit. From what Housley has said and has hinted at it doesn’t seem to be too serious, but any game without our leading point scorer is going to make winning even that more difficult.

Three out of the next four games should be easily winnable games for this squad and definite must get points. We need to get some games and points up on Boston and really solidify our standing before heading into the All Star break.

Gary KostekComment